Dear friends,




Dear friends,


I want to share with my mom’s Christmas letter from last year, because I thought many of you   could identify, and even if it doesn’t fit your situation, it might bring you a smile. She wrote this at
the tail end of a year that included some significant setbacks, healthwise, and I am pleased to report
that a year later, she’s still going strong at 93.


‘Twas the night before COLUMBUS came sailing this way.

Actually it was a b-eau-ti-ful gorge-e-us day.

Visions of Santa had not yet filled my head;

Before Christmas there was so much to dread.


There was cleaning and shopping and meetings galore,

But that was before I sat HARD on the floor.

I may have been tipsy, (oh my no, not drunk);

Just an equilibrium problem, that’s no bunk.


Ne’er in my life had I had such a pain.

Like many of you I thought it my brain

That kept me mobile and on top of all things,

But it would be great if a spine had springs!


A cracked vertebrae caused me such woe

I’d rather, much rather, have broken a toe.

There’s nothing the doctor can do to help,

So bear it in silence or give great yelp.


But to every downside there’s an upside you see.

I was amazed at all the good folk around me.

I had never dreamed so many would share

In the task of pushing me in my wheel chair.


We watch the news and feel so glum

So much of the world is out of plumb.

Sit up and listen and be of good cheer.

God has promised we never need fear.


Santa may be fleeting but the God we proclaim,

Is yesterday, today, and forever the same.

I wish you a blest Christmas with family and friends,

And a year full of good cheer that never ends.



Grace and peace,

Rev Tim